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Music Services

I have a 16-track hard disc recorder that can record 8 tracks simultaneously.  This means I can come to you and record in your favourite environment.  Either 8 tracks of drums followed by overdubs (if you have guide tracks and wish to play to click) or the whole band or ensemble as live as possible.  Alternatively for acoustic groups and solo performers you can come to my house and benefit from a separate control area and live room which has proved itself on several live recordings.

I can then supply either stems for you to mix, or mix for you.


Dissatisfied with your mix?  Why not let me have a go? I use a Logic 8 based system on a Mac with Genelec and Yamaha speakers and have produced some great results with this system.  Perhaps you just fancy a re-mix or another set of ears working on the track?  I can listen to recordings like which you are trying to sound and shape your song that way, or just put my fresh take on your material. 

Recording & Mixing

As above, but I will both record your songs and then mix them for you afterwards.  Fixed prices available per song, so you can't lose even if there are many revisions.

Music Consultancy

For a small fixed fee I can come and listen to your band live or in rehearsal, then send you a set of notes to enable you to move forward.  I have over 25 years experience of live bands and am happy to give you the honest facts straight up.  If things don't sound great, I'll tell you.  But equally so I can let you know what's working, what makes your band different and what to do to maximize your appeal.   Want to move forward with your music?  Then get an impartial opinion and get on with it.

Other Music Services

Other services that we can offer include: piano, singing, music mentoring and guitar lessons, bespoke music for films and TV and music composition/arranging.

Get in touch: drop me a line at  music @ darencallow.co.uk

Recording drums with Haydn Callow Recording drums with Haydn Callow at Survival Studios A break from demo recording at my home studio. Just some of the guitar equipment available in my home studio.

An example of one of my recordings: Charlie Savigar - Following The Signs

Demo Recordings
A few examples of my demo recordings:

And a few of my own tracks on Bandcamp:

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