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Gig List

Date Venue, Location No in Audience[Official ticket count] (event, or running order where known)


1st March Morcom Taylor Hall, Queensbury 150 (Church talent show)
30th March - 4th April Kenton Methodist Church (MAYC JMM German exchange)
2nd Dec Carpet Room, Queensbury Methodist Church 40 (Daren's 18th birthday)


28th March Morcom Taylor Hall, Queensbury 40
10th Oct Kenton Methodist Church 300 (Mark Warbuton, Air)


20th April Canons High School, Edgware 200 (Kaos Krew, Air)
21st May Brixton Academy 7000 (MAYC London Weekend - Tempo)
24th June Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool 200 (Crossfire fringe)
29th July Hatch End High School 300 (Paper Tiger, Air, Just 4 Fun)
15th Oct Kenton Methodist Church 200 (1st Impressions, Air)


10th Feb Hatch End High School 300 (The Exhibition, Air)
12th Feb The Rock Garden, Covent Garden ()
10th March The Flag, Wembley 100 (Air, Cat Black)
27th March The Rock Garden ()
8th April Hemel Hempstead Pavilion 2000 (Air, Fat & Frantic)
5th May The Flag 100 (1st Impressions, Air)
19th May St. Andrews Church
22nd May Ruislip Manor Methodist Church
23rd May Northwood Methodist Church
24th May Wealdstone Methodist Church
25th May Kenton Methodist Church
26th May Queensbury Methodist Church 50 (Fan club only)
25th June Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool 200 (Crossfire fringe)
28th June Heros and Zeros, High Wycombe()
14th July The Flag ()
15th July Northwood Methodist Church 200 (Post exam bash)
24th August Castle Ashby, Northampton 200 (Greenbelt fringe)
27th August Harrow show
17th Nov Willington Methodist Church 150
18th Nov The Flag ()
22nd Dec The Flag 200 (Demolition Jive, Legacy)


26th Jan The Flag (A.W.O.L.)
31st March Kodak Hall, Harrow 300 (Ten By Ten Launch)
7th April Morcom Taylor Hall, Queensbury 20 (Plastic Palace Alice Reformation Band, Kaos Krew)
8th May The Flag ()
18th May Windsor Arts Centre ()
7th July Harrow Civic Centre ()
27th July The Flag ()
28th July Heros and Zeros, Wycombe ()
27th August Harrow Show ()
23rd Nov The Flag ()
14th Dec The Flag ()


18th Jan The Flag ()
23rd Jan Bedford
15th Feb The Flag (Bowlfish)
21st March The Flag ()
9th April The Old Trout ()
3rd May The Flag ()
19th May Fountains Mill, Uxbridge
5th June Powerhaus ()
14th June The Flag ()
20th June The Kingshead ()
9th July The Robey ()
26th July Windsor Arts Centre 20 ()
20th August The Robey ()
8th Sept Century Tavern, Wembley 100 (Cider with Rosie, Eyewonder, Air)
12th Sept Electric Ballroom 20 (Air, Jamestown, Sp!n - who later became Gene!)
30th Sept The Kingshead ()
11th Oct The Moonlight 40 ()
22nd Oct The Robey ()
4th Dec Bull & Gate, Kentish Town20 ()
16th Dec The Kingshead ()
21st Dec Watford Y.M.C.A. 40 (Martin Sharpe, Air, Freakshow)
23rd Dec Fountains Mill


18th April Century Tavern 150 (Shrinking Violets, Air, Rubber Gun)
5th May The Robey 20?
1st June The Orange 35
17th June The Dome 15 (Air, Death by Chocolate)
30th June The Kingshead 40 ()
4th August Charing X Social Club 75
22nd August Century Tavern 200 (Revival, Shrinking Violets, Air, Mustard Seeds)
12th Sept Red Lion 150 (Air, Mustard Seeds)
24th Sept Anglers Retreat 60
3rd Oct Exmouth Poly 100
29th Oct Red Lion 20+ (Mother of Pearl)
30th Oct Mean Fiddler 200[88] (Jenny Jones, Air, Comsat Angels)
7th Nov Clay Pigeon 80 (Air, Jamestown, Need)
21st Nov Anglers Retreat, West Drayton 80 (Need)
28th Nov Royal Oak, Harrow 40 (Radio Cracker Launch)
10th Dec Anglers Retreat 30 (Estranged)
20th Dec Century Tavern 150 (Shrinking Violets, Planet)


15th Jan Mean Fiddler 300[108] (The Psylons, Air, Comsat Angels)
5th March Venue 50 (Wonky Alice, Air, Comsat Angels)
15th March Railway Hotel 200 ( , Air, Meat)
15th April Railway Hotel 120 (Sherbet Mermaids, Air, Shrinking Violets)
14th May Mean Fiddler 250[57] (The Glee Club, Air, Gang of Four)
1st June The Borderline 30 (Out of My Hair, Air, Heroine)
6th June The Orange 20[10] (Baby Chaos, Air)
24th June Railway Hotel 50 (More Tea Vicar, Air, Mother of Pearl)
1st July The Attic Club 12 (Air, Robinson)
26th Aug Railway Hotel 50 ()
17th Sept Mean Fiddler 200(50) (Air, The New Cranes) 50th gig with Mike as manager
28th Oct Railway Hotel 80 (Red Eye, Chuck U Farley)
27th Nov Plymouth Uni, Exmouth 100
2nd Dec Mirage, Windsor 150 (Glaxo IT Department Christmas party)
10th Dec Prince of Wales 100
16th Dec Railway Hotel 90(40) (Horrorscope, Air, Shrinking Violets)
17th Dec Radlett 40 (21st Birthday party)
18th Dec Prince of Wales 100


4th Jan The Garage 40(27) (Butterfly Effect)
[19th Jan Radio 1, Steve Wright 6,000,000(20)]
22nd Jan The London Globe 60(12) (Steerpike, Air)
[28th Jan The Marquee (Little Eygpt)] CANCELLED
4th Feb The Mean Fiddler 500[141] (Shrinking Violets, Air, Half Man Half Biscuit)
19th Feb Prince of Wales 60[12]
13th March The Garage 50[25] ()
18th March Royal Free Hospital 200[20]
30th March The Water Rats 50[21] (Blue Turns Pink, The Sway)
1st April Prince of Wales 60[20]
[30th April Prince of Wales] CANCELLED
5th May Prince of Wales 30 (Tony's birthday)
9th May Alexander's Wine Bar 80 (Jeff Baxter's leaving do)
13th May Mean Fiddler 400[77] (Air, Big Geraniums)
14th May Ramsey, Peterborough 150 (Spangles, Nexus, Air)
[21st May Prince of Wales] CANCELLED
25th May Samual Beckett 20[2] (Altra, Air)
27th May University of Herts 200+ (WOT festival)
11th June London School of Economics 40+[3] (Air, Cover band)
20th June The Fuzz Club, Bristol 60+ (Air, Scribble)
29th June Fix II, Glasgow 20 ()
1st July Grill Bar, Perth 80+ 75th Gig since Mike joined us
3rd July Negociants, Edinburgh 100 (Dallas Motorcade, Air)
[11th July The Orange, Hammersmith] CANCELLED (Songwriter's)
22nd July Mean Fiddler 250(71) (Air, The Clouds)
27th July T.S.M.V. Lochiel, Bristol 80(6) (Diamond Dogs, Mother Samosa, Air, The Kerbs)
[5th August Pig in Paradise, Hastings] CANCELLED
7th August The Bell, Swindon 60(4) (Air, Bone Idol)
15th August T.S.M.V. Lochiel, Bristol 40 (Band comp semis)
21st August Negociants, Edinburgh 40
[22nd August T.S.M.V. Lochiel, Bristol ? (Band comp final)] Didn't make it!
24th August 4:45PM The Fringe, Greenbelt 50
24th August 8:30PM The Bunker, Greenbelt 200 (Do The Moog, Air, Shrinking Violets)
[3rd Sept Telford] CANCELLED
7th Oct Pig In Paradise, Hastings 60
8th Oct The Crypt, Hastings 120
29th Oct Burnt Oak 100 (The Sway, Air, Shrinking Violets)
17th Nov The Crypt, Hastings 150 (Smirkic, Air, Kinky Machine)
[25th Nov Exmouth] NOT BOOKED
[26th Nov Cavern Club, Exeter] CANCELLED
26th Nov Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 250(64) (Travis, Air, Energy Orchard)
20th Dec Railway Hotel, Wealdstone 80(15) (Still Life, Air, Shrinking Violets)


[7th Jan Telford] CANCELLED
20th Jan Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 200[53] (?, Air, Tale) 90th since Mike
21st Jan Kenton Methodist Church 160 (MAYC Celebrations)
5th Feb Trinity Bar, Harrow 50[37]
[14-20th Feb House in the Woods] RECORDING DEMO
17th Mar Royal Free Hospital 100 (End of term party)
30th April Trinity, Harrow 40[32] (DJ - Alternative Nightmare)
4th May The Bridge, Harrow 100 (Indie night)
[8th June India tour] CANCELLED
[17th June Barry's party] CANCELLED
24th June Randall's party 30
8th July Kingsbury Multicultural Festival 9
9th July Kingsbury Multicutural Festival 15
9th July Trinity, Harrow 35 (DJ - Alternative Nightmare)
20th July The Bridge, Harrow 80[8] (Air, Sidewaze) 100th since Mike
19th August Friern Barnet Show 200+
21st August Mean Fiddler 200[85] (Air, Redwood, My Life Story)
24th Sept Railway Hotel 50+ (Epicentre, Air, Shrinking Violets, Maureen and Kevin's Paradise Show Band. Screaming Lord Sutch cancelled due to a stomach bug)
[1st Oct Trinity, Harrow ? (Extravabandza)] CANCELLED
20th Oct Alley Cats Live, Reading 100 (Air, Stella Maris, [Peep Show CANCELLED])
20th Dec Wealdstone Methodist Church 120 (Girl band, Miff, Air)
[29th Dec Randall's Party] CANCELLED


6th Jan Alley Cat Live, Reading 60 (Ted, Air, Thurman)
20th Jan Trinity Church, Golders Green 120 (DJ, evangalist)


5th May Chalfont St. Giles Memorial Hall - as "Airheads" featuring: Kris, Daren, Haydn, James Percy, Jason Page 100 (BLAG, Midnight Hour, Airhead)

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