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Kris Holdsworth

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Kris is currently recording and producing bands at various studios around London.  He is also working hard promoting his streaming music website - He is also working on several dance projects which might see release in the near future.


Also known as: Christopher (but only to his mother), Krusty Krees.

Position in band: Keyboardist.

Instruments played: Synthesizers, Samplers, Mac Powerbook.

Favourite bands / artists: The Police, the jungle and dance scene dudes, U2.

Favourite tour / gig food: Poached egg, bacon and fried bread.

Favourite UK music venue to see bands: Mean Fiddler.

Favourite UK music venue to play at: Mean Fiddler.

What I want in my rider: Beer and a chauffeur.

Favourite AIR song: Nothing To Say (a real oldie).

What I want to do after a really good gig: Get chatted up.

My tip for aspiring musicians: Play from the heart.

Favourite AIR moment: Playing Brixton Academy.

Who is the best band in the UK at the moment?:

If I couldn't be in AIR who would I like to play for (and why)?: Me, 'cos it's dance styley!

Who is the best looking member of AIR?: Me.

What is your best excuse for being late to a gig?: Traffic!

What do you hate most about AIR?: Waiting around.

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