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Call Me

If I were you I'd let the whole thing drop,
If you don't you know that it will never stop.
Should have got wise when the shit hit the fan,
Should have got wise when you abandoned the frying pan.


Well you should have called me,
Call me, call me.
Why don't you call me?
Call me, call me.
Why don't you call me?
Call me, call me.
You could have called me,
Call me, call me.

If I were you I'd let the whole thing blow away,
You can always make it up, some other day.
And I don't understand why your friends are all so out of sight,
Guess they were hoping that you and I would pick a fight.

Repeat chorus.

I don't understand how you got into this mess,
Started out with nothing, ended up with less.
And I'll never know why you didn't do the right thing,
Just pick up the phone and give someone a ring,
Well you could have called me...

Repeat chorus.

Do You Want To Dance?

Life is short, it's gone before you blink.
No time to hesitate, no time to think.
So much to do I want to do it all,
Before the air runs out or the shells begin to fall.


Do you want to dance?
This could be our last chance.
Do you want to dance.

Can't you see how hard this is for me?
Can't concentrate when you are all I see,
Can't find the words 'til I've forgotten what to say,
And love only appears when you look the other way.

Repeat chorus.

I've lost my rag and I've lost my cool,
I'd lose my mind if I had one to lose.
Don't want to lose this moment, seeing as you're here.
This moment may never come back, I fear.

Repeat chorus


How are you going to make me?
How are you going to take me?
If I don't want to go,
If I just don't want to know.


This is our generation.

If you've got something to say,
Why don't you say it anyway?
If you think someone's listening,
You must have more faith than me,
Can't you see…

Repeat chorus.

This is our generation.
Fuck the nation!
This is what we do.
This is who we are.
This is our generation.


See Snatch

Grab was a remix of Snatch done by Kris between recording and mixing Dumb. He used the unmixed vocal, bass and guitar lines and added in his own drums and keyboards. We decided to add it on to the CD as we liked it so much.

Hold Me Back

Like you're holding me back,
Like you're dragging me under,
Like I'm losing my grip and falling down.
Like a gun against my head,
Like a weight around my neck,
Like a cat in the sack, life's slipping away.


I don't need to be told what I can't do,
Stop holding me back,
Stop holding me back.
I don't want to be told,
I don't need to relax.
Stop holding me back.

Nobody is innocent,
And nobody is normal.
Everyone is guilty,
And everyone is strange.
Nothing is forbidden,
Everything is permitted.
It's the way it's always been,
And it's never going to change.

Repeat Chorus

Take me away.

Life Will Never Be The Same Again

LSD, Ecstasy, HIV, MTV,
Blow your mind or set it free,
Just don't come and bother me.
Styrofoam, over-grown, no ozone, ansaphone.
Nothing stays the same for long,
When the future comes,
I'll be gone.


Life will never be the same again.

How come no one's having fun?
Spent too long in the sun?
Every kid has got a gun,
Democracy anyone?
Pupil shoots his teacher dead,
Saw it on TV he said,
Intentions are never pure,
All we ever know for sure is...

Repeat chorus.

No one knows what to do.
Don't make things the way they used to,
(Thank god),
If we can fly, if we can dream,
If we can believe in ourselves,
And get up off our knees then...

Repeat chorus.


Cold inside, I'm hot to the touch,
I'm hooked on you, I've taken too much.
Unhinged, broken in two,
Beaten again, I'm black and blue.
My love blinds me 'til I can't cope,
You upset the balance and made me walk a tightrope.
The things I want will tear me apart,
I want to consume you with all of my heart.



Fill me full of liquer, torture me with caffeine,
Push me 'til the limit, 'til I can't tell heroine from nicotine.
Take away my self control and sense of up and down.
Give the room a push and make it spin round.
But don't leave me now.
Don't leave me I need you.
Give me an inch and I'll take a mile,
I don't need the top I want the whole fucking pile.

Repeat chorus.


Why do you set the test, when you already know the result?
Why do you place the blame, when you're the one at fault?
Why do you tell the joke, we all know that it ain't funny?
Why do you look for rain? When here it's only sunny.


In the name of Prejudice,
In the face of Prejudice,
In the heart of Prejudice.

Why do you knock him down? Just because of what he is.
Why do you knock her down? Just because of who she is.
Why not try and pick them up? Let them know where they fit in.
You can always try and pick them up,
Always try and pick them up.

Repeat chorus.


I'm gonna live to make you eat your words,
I'm gonna live to make them sound so absurd.
I know you want it, I know that you do.
I know you want it, you want it don't you.


You'd better take it while you can.
Nothing lasts forever.

I am your nightmare, I am your fate.
You'd better take it before it's too late.
I know you want it, I know that you do,
I know you want it, you want it don't you.

Repeat chorus.

The Chosen One

I saw Jesus on the beach,
Just as the sun was beginning to set.
He said, 'I forgive your sins,
Even the ones that you haven't done yet.'


I am, the chosen one.
I am, the chosen one.
I am, the chosen one.
I am, the chosen one.

The sun was set, and I thought he was done,
He reached in his coat and pulled out a gun.
He put it to his head and blew himself away,
If it was bad before, then it's worse today.

Repeat chorus.

I was upstairs killing the children,
While the family were glued to the screen.
So busy watching television,
They didn't here the children scream out...

Repeat chorus.

Waiting Forever

There'll never be a better chance,
Why don't you seize the moment?
I don't know who you think'd gonna turn the page,
Better do it yourself before we die of old age.


You could be waiting forever.
You could be waiting forever.

I don't know why you don't seize the moment,
Sooner or later somebody will.
Might as well be you now that you've got this near,
Wait for a day you could wait for a year or...

Repeat chorus.


You shut your mouth,
Don't make a sound.
What do you know anyway?
What do you care?
You never cared.

And I hope you're happy,
When you're screwing whatsisname.
Don't worry about me.
You couldn't hurt me,
Anymore than I've been hurt already.


I need to know,
And all I ask is...
I need to know.

Don't try to sympathise,
I see through your lies.
And you left me.
You went and left me,
Just when I needed you most.

Repeat Chorus.

All lyrics in this file are © copyright AIR 1996, all rights reserved.