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Mark Brazier

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Mark is currently furthering his modeling career. His credits to date include fashion shoots for East 17 (Steam and Up All Night albums and Uncensored magazine), Boyzone (Said And Done album and The Official Boyzone magazine) and Status Quo (Don't Stop album). Somehow he's managed to get himself on more albums nationwide than the rest of us put together. Well now you know who the real talent in the band is.


Also know as: Aard-vark, Marky.

Instruments played: Fiddle.

Position in band: Stage Aardvark, technician, assistant manager.

Favourite bands / artists: Sheryl Crow, Hootie and the Blowfish etc...

Favourite tour / gig food: Burger and onions and mustard and ketchup.

Favourite UK music venue to see bands: Mean Fiddler.

Favourite UK music venue to play at: Mean Fiddler

What I want in my rider: Breasts, beer.

Favourite AIR song: Who?

What I want to do after a really good gig: Shag.

My tip for aspiring musicians: Give up.

Favourite AIR moment: Footy in Perth Park.

Who is the best band in the UK at the moment?: Oasis (NOT!!!).

If I couldn't be in AIR who would I like to play for (and why)?: Manchester United.

Who is the best looking member of AIR?: Me!

What is your best excuse for being late to a gig?: It's a crap gig.

What do you hate most about AIR?: They don't have many chicks at gigs [That's a lie, you're sacked you bastard - Daren].

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