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In case you were wondering, Mike's real job is running fanclubs.  He has also written a few books in his time, the one reference I found to him on the net is in the Bibliography of Chartography so go check it out.  He also runs fanclubs for East 17, Boyzone, Status Quo and manages the singer Shelley Nelson and the bassist Rhino.


Also known as: Mike Horrendous, 'Orrible 'Orano.

Position in band: Manager

Instruments played: My knob (on my amp of course - what did you think I meant?).

Favourite bands / artists: East 17 and Boyzone.

Favourite tour / gig food: Raw meat and lots of it.

Favourite UK music venue to see bands: Mean Fiddler.

Favourite UK music venue to play at: Wembley Stadium.

What I want in my rider: Quail's eggs.

Favourite AIR song: Shang-a-lang.

What I want to do after a really good gig: Go home.

My tip for aspiring musicians: Don't even think about it.

Favourite AIR moment: The entire experience (mostly...).

Who is the best band in the UK at the moment?: Supergrass.

If I couldn't be in AIR who would I like to play for (and why)?: Blackburn Rovers......why not?

Who is the best looking member of AIR?: They are all ugly.

What is your best excuse for being late to a gig?: We're never late. We're professionals.

What do you hate most about AIR?: The entire experience (mostly...).

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