Stolen Stratocaster

Please message me via Twitter: if you have any information

This guitar was stolen on Friday 5th December 1997 from The Bar in Camden, London, UK between 9PM and 12midnight.

What can you do to help?

1) Keep your eyes open.

It's quite a distinctive guitar (Check the photos and description opposite), if you see anyone using it or one like it in a music shop please let me know (via Twitter: straight away, or inform the police.

2) Inform your local music shop

If you have a music shop locally that specialises in second-hand guitars please let them know. Print off this page and give them a copy, or let me know their address and I'll send them details.


Fender USA Standard Stratocaster (Black with white scratchplate and rosewood fingerboard)

Serial Number: E351043 (located on the headstock)

Distinguishing marks

Large "Peace sign" sticker on the body (NB This could be removed, but it's been there for years so there should be a mark).

Replacement black graphite string trees (on headstock) instead of the original silver ones. The top one is broken.

Replacement black 'Telecaster' style tone knob in the second tone position.

Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II pickups (hard to spot from the outside since I kept the original covers).

Replacement black strap pegs.

It's been refretted fairly recently and the tremolo has all five springs on it, and is screwed back flat against the body of the guitar.

The guitar was stolen in a black, padded guitar bag with a blue t-shirt in the front pocket and a poster of Beavis and Butthead inside with the guitar.

Many thanks for your help