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This 6 track Compact Disk features the following works:

Hear the tracks in MP3:

The Chosen One
Waiting Forever
Snatch (Grab Remix by Kris Holdsworth)

It was recorded over three days at the greatly inspiring 'House in the woods' studio in Surrey, UK. Sounds best played at bone-crunching, ear-frazzling volume.

Kris produced Grab, the remix of Snatch, in the two day break between recording and mixing. We liked it so much we decided to include it on the CD.

Dumb was reviewed in Improvijazzation Nation fanzine, based in Lacey, Washington State. Here is what editor Rotcod Zzaj said:

Air: DUMB - Daren Callow sent this 'cross the' pond from UK. Not a BAD lil' demo CD at all! Pop-oriented, but not in a "bubblegum" vein in the least. Daren sez' he believes it's "of the style of indie-rock, but that's open to some interpretation". I'll tell you one thing - it MOVES! (Brother?) Haydn Callow's drums on the opening cut absolutely KICK IT OUT. Kris Holdsworth's organ sounds on "Generation" sound almost like "church" - & I don't mean that in a bad light at all! Solid bass lines throughout by Andy Phillips. Quite well recorded, their all original material packs a real WALLOP...

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