Alan Reed and the Daughters of Expediency (2017 - present)

Guitarist and occasional background vocals for Ex-Pallas lead singer Alan Reed. Featuring Tudor Davies on keyboards, Henry Rogers on drums, Jennifer Ellen Clark on bass and Mark Spencer on guitar.

Charlie Savigar / Dare To Be Charlie (2010 - present)

Exciting, up-and-coming country rock star featuring Daren on lead guitar and backing vocals. The band has featured a number of other performers including Alex Lofoco and Wayne Myers on bass, Danny Newell, James King and Haydn Callow on drums.

This Happy Band (2010 - present)

A loose conglomeration of artists, musicians, poets and others who appear from time to time at art events and festivals. Including, but not exclusive to, Lord Daniel Lehan, Frog Morris, Mr Solo (Mikey Georgeson), Calum F Kerr and Laughing Bear.

Callow Youth (2008 - present)

Daren can be heard playing and performing live with his own outfit the exciting alt-rockers Callow Youth. Comprising ex-Drumtech instructor Haydn Callow on drums and percussion, and multi-instrumentalist Wayne Myers on bass. Callow Youth shows combine elements of rock, poetry and performance art. Also features Charlie Savigar on backing vocals and percussion.

Stars In Exile (2004 - 2006)

More recently he formed part of the ethereal rock quartet Stars In Exile, featuring Thelema exiles Tim 'Felix' O'Brien and Neil Harris, and Mint400 / Cortizone exile Andy Prestige. This hard-hitting foursome mixed guitar synths, dreamy arpeggios and in-your-face power guitars with punchy drums for their debut album Luminosity.

Normal (1998 - 2001)

Alongside Stevie Simmons, Sean"-y boy" Watkins and James "the frames" Walker. These hard-working, ordinary lads played catchy, quirky indie numbers and were favourites of universities and local radio alike.

Air (1986 - 1996)

With indie-pop outfit Air (not the French band), he supported an eclectic mix of acts (Comsat Angels, Gang Of Four, The Specials, Half Man Half Biscuit) and some up-and-coming indie acts (Gene, Travis, Out Of My Hair, Jenny Jones), and played the Greenbelt, Crossfire and Edinburgh Fringe festivals.


Artist: Jennifer Clark
Format: Studio Album, CD & Download
Released: 2018
Credits: Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Live From The Razor's Edge
Artist: Alan Reed
Format: Live Album, CD & Download
Released: 2018
Credits: Electric Guitar and Background Vocals (& Cover Art)
Get In Line
Artist: Charlie Savigar
Format: Album, Download
Released: 2013
Credits: Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals (& Cover Art)
Live in SoHo
Artist: Charlie Savigar
Format: Live EP, Download
Released: 2012
Credits: Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals (& Cover Art)
Lullabies from the Wheels of the Bus
Artist: Daren Callow (solo)
Format: EP, Download
Released: 2007
Credits: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers, Drum Machine, and Vocals (& Cover Art)
Artist: Stars In Exile
Format: Album
Released: 2005
Credits: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Artist: Air
Format: EP, CD
Released: 1995
Credits: Electric Guitar and Lead Vocals (& Cover Art)
Artist: Air
Format: EP, CD
Released: 1993
Credits: Electric Guitar and Lead Vocals