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Haydn Callow

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Haydn has recently played drums for Damon McCabe, The Barron Knights, Frontline (covers band gigging in and around London, UK) and Honeytunnel (their Solace EP is available now). Haydn is also teaching drums and running a function band in the London area.


Also known as:

Position in band: Drummer

Instruments played: Big drum, small drum and cymbal.

Favourite bands / artists: Miles Davis, Fishbone.

Welcome to the AIR (UK Rock Band 1986 - 1996 + 2001) homepage

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'Professional, dark pop.'

This is the homepage of Air the UK rock band. ukflag.gif (150 bytes) 1986 - 1996 (+ 2001) 

As it says in The Great Rock Discography (Martin C. Strong), after the main entry for Air: 

"To avoid confusion with another outfit named AIR, "French Band" was incidentally the prefix printed in small writing next to their moniker."

We are/were the other outfit, if you are looking for the French band Air then please try here, or here, if not then read on...

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Interested in hearing Air songs being played live?  
Check out Daren's new solo project website.

Daren is also appearing as part of the Charlie Savigar band.

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These pages last updated Feb 2015

Favourite tour / gig food: Tea (Pot of).

Favourite UK music venue to see bands: Casino Royale - Las Vegas.

Favourite UK music venue to play at: Mean Fiddler (good monitors!!)

What I want in my rider: Flapjack.

Favourite AIR song: Hot Days In The Jungle.

What I want to do after a really good gig: Count my money (doesn't take long!!).

My tip for aspiring musicians: Marry Kris or somebody good, or join the travelling circus.

Favourite AIR moment: Kris's crusty crevice revealled.

Who is the best band in the UK at the moment?: Dusty Crusty (made up band!!).

If I couldn't be in AIR who would I like to play for (and why)?: Liverpool FC, Jim Mullen's All Star Combo or Dusty Crusty.

Who is the best looking member of AIR?: Steve Gent or Kris.

What is your best excuse for being late to a gig?: Bicycle tyre puncture.

What do you hate most about AIR?: Kris, Daren and Andy.

Any other comments: Mike's answers are all lies.

We welcome any memories of the band, message me via Twitter:

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